Colombian Coffee

  • Colombian Coffee

    Colombia Coffee

    Coffees grown in the country of Colombia tend to be full-bodied with a rich taste and complex acidity. A fine, high-grown Colombian coffee typifies the classic Latin American mild, fruity flavor though not the type of fruity taste that seems almost fermented.

    Colombia Coffee Farming and Processing

    Most standard Colombian coffee is grown by relatively small farms and then collected, wet-processed (washed), milled, and exported by the Colombian Coffee Federation.

    Coffees of Colombia

    Three of Colombia’s most distinguished coffees-Medellin, Armenia, and Manizales are named after the region in which they were grown and then often marketed together in order to simplify the transfers of large coffee contracts. These coffees are known by the acronym MAM.

    One of the best Colombian coffees is Medellin Supremo, which is comparable to Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee though with a higher level of acidity.

    Other coffees from Colombia include Cucuta coffee (usually shipped through Maracaibo in Venezuela, and the Bucaramanga coffee varietal which is known for its low acidity. Some of Colombia’s finest coffees come from the Narino coffee-growing area in the south of Colombia.

    Colombia Coffee Production and Coffee Plant Varietals

    Coffee has been cultivated in Colombia since the early 1800s and today the country produces about 12% of the world’s coffee, exceeded only by Brazil and Vietnam.

    Coffee plant varietals cultivated include the old Arabica varietals Typica (Coffea arabica var. typica) and Bourbon (Coffea arabica var. bourbon) as well as Caturra (Coffea arabica var. caturra) and Maragogype (Coffea arabica var. maragogype).

    Colombia Coffee
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