Sumatran Coffee

  • Sumatran Coffee

    Sumatra Coffee

    Sumatra coffee is a beautiful deep blue-green color with the appearance of jade. There is a tendency to over roast Sumatrans (along with other dry processed wild coffees) as they do not show much roast color, and roast unevenly. Sometime the beans will look uneven and funky green. This is not a problem, however, or a sign of bad beans. Quality in the cup is what matters, or should matter, not mere appearance of beans.

    Sumatra coffee is hand sorted, and come in single-picked, double- picked, and even triple-picked lots. Since Sumatran’s are dry processed and often laid out to dry on the dirt in small villages, sorting the coffee is essential to take out the sticks and stones that the beans inevitably acquire, but triple picking does not necessarily improve the quality of cup. In fact, we sometimes find that over-picked beautiful polished coffees are sometimes bland in the cup.


    Origin: Sumatra

    Geographic Coordinates: 5 00 S, 120 00 E

    Cup Profile: Full Bodied, Low Acid, Earthy

    Production: (millions lbs.) 1,033,956,000

    Exports: (millions lbs.) 671,088,000

    Botanical Varieties: Sumatra Arabica

    Sumatra Coffee

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